Quilt of Valor

Matt Hatzenbuhler, 93, left, Christ Hatzenbuhler, 89, center, and Anton Hatzenbuhler, 98, each received a Quilt of Valor at a ceremony at the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post in Mandan on Wednesday night. The Hatzenbuhlers are originally from Solen but live in Mandan, with Matt and Anton being veterans of World War II and Christ a Korean War veteran. Four other veterans also received quilts during the event hosted by The Red River Quilters, a Quilts of Valor chapter based in Abercrombie. The group's 35 members meet monthly and take kits home and sew. The group raises money by selling raffle tickets and writing letters to businesses and veterans groups seeking donations. "The long-term goal of our organization is to be able to award quilts to veterans and service members who have served our country," member LouAnn Lee said. "In the beginning we are focused on our older members because they won't be with us forever, but our hope is to be able to someday be able to focus on all veterans."