Mobile power plant

Engineers at United Tribes Technical College in Bismarck are building a mobile power plant that will provide electricity for the crow's nest at the upcoming UTTC International Powwow. Above, from left, Chayton Martin, Elias McCloud and Chad Crissler along with Jarod Galvin, top, are attaching solar panels to a trailer. Each panel is capable of producing 310 watts. When finished there will be 10 panels on the unit. "It's a pretty good chunk of power, and it should kick out some juice," said Galvin, with Sojourn Architects. The mobile unit will have a battery storage area inside the trailer. The unit also will be used for other purposes including training and promotion, and it will be connected to the electrical power grid on the UTTC campus for peak load offsetting, said Ryan Warner of Lightspring, a solar company. "We wanted to power the powwow crow's nest, and when it's not at the powwow we can take it to any mobile event," he said.