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Across the entire U.S., only 46 percent of people feel that their city offers good public transportation. However, in cities like Chicago, San Francisco and New York, more than 70 percent of residents approve of their mass transit options.Residents in cities with the best public transportation frequently use it. The average U.S. resident completes just 31 public transit trips per year, but ridership in cities with the best public transportation options is 2 to 7 times higher. The average New Yorker makes 228 trips per year.Depending on the city, Americans with disabilities and parents with strollers might find it difficult to travel by public transportation. Fortunately, many of the cities with the best transit systems are 100 percent ADA accessible.By reducing the number of passenger vehicles on the road, public transportation helps reduce pollution and improve air quality in cities. Cities that use electricity to power their trains, buses and other mass transit vehicles see even greater benefits. New York and San Francisco lead the pack—in these cities, more than half of all total passenger miles traveled are powered by electric sources.