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That's the word from Anna Gladman, the chief executive of Nib Travel, including World Nomads, which sells insurance for U.S. travelers. Gladman thinks travelers had an awakening as the pandemic unfolded that "not everything can be covered by travel insurance," she wrote in an email.

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In Kelly Simmons’ chilling “One More Day,” a vulnerable mom trusts her therapist to guide her through an emotional minefield. Is she losing her mind — or has she discovered something life-changing? No one believes her when she starts to “see” her missing child. What’s the responsibility of a therapist not only to guide but to believe? What about — convince? And what happens if they are wrong?

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LOS ANGELES - The day officials announced that all Los Angeles schools would shut down, Tamra Johnson made a spreadsheet outlining the next few weeks for her 5-year-old son. An engineer by trade, Johnson wanted to make sure her son's schedule still seemed as normal as possible. That meant learning new topics during the day and at night completing assignments sent home by the Los Angeles ...

ARIES (March 21-April 19). With great charisma comes great responsibility. Be careful how you wield that today. You want friends and fans, but…

Kevin Cramer is Donald Trump’s mini me. Cramer is calling for hearings on media bias. Cramer has set a new standard for pots calling kettles b…

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