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When the Twins started attacking what team president Dave St. Peter called a brand refresh two years ago, one of the options was to bring back…

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FICTION: Reeling from a diagnosis of early onset Alzheimer's, a writer and former ski jumper strives to dissect his family mythology. "The Ski Jumpers" by Peter Geye; University of Minnesota Press (408 pages, $25.95) ——— "The Ski Jumpers" is Minnesota novelist Peter Geye's novel about a novelist writing a novel. That might sound meta, but it works. After receiving a diagnosis of early onset ...

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MINNEAPOLIS — Don't let Darius Rucker's love of golf or his sunny pontoon-country music mislead you. Nashville's biggest Black star can be one serious dude, especially when it comes to racism. Sure, he'll talk about golf (he typically plays five days a week) or women's basketball (loves his No. 1 ranked University of South Carolina). Or his once-and-future band Hootie & the Blowfish (there ...

You've probably read and heard enough about airline meltdowns, cancellations, crowded airports, and four-hour security lines to consider Amtrak for your holiday trip. But is Amtrak even feasible? The answer depends mainly on where you live and where you want to go, along with some cost considerations.

An old-time major league pitcher once said he worried about only two types of batter — righthanders and lefthanders. It's the same with airports: Only two kinds of airports present hostile environments: origin and destination. As I covered previously, origin airports are often the worst, but destination airports present their challenges, as well. You can't avoid all of them, but you can avoid some of the worst problems.

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