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Toasted and caramel flavors are prominent in dark lagers because of the roasted malts. These beers should be paired with grilled meats and vegetables as they complement the roasty nature of grilled foods. When serving a dark lager, like an American Amber Lager or Vienna-Style Lager, try this harissa grilled chicken recipe or this recipe for easy grilled zucchini.

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Porters are dark in color and have flavors of chocolate, coffee, caramel and nuts. The beer’s rich flavor is best paired with roasted or smoked foods like barbecue, sausages and blackened fish but they also pair well with desserts, like these peanut butter cookies. If you’re serving a Baltic Style Porter (a smooth and boozy beer with malt aromas of licorice and chocolate) try it with this prime rib recipe.

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Malty and sweet beers are light to full bodied beers with a wide ABV range. They’re often toasty and have notes of caramel, toffee and nuts. The English-style brown ale is an example of a malty and sweet beer and it pairs well with hearty meats, like roasted pork and steak (a classic pairing for malty and sweet beers).

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In my attempt to have a more positive attitude in 2021 — a resolution I tried, and failed, to adopt in 2020 — I'm going to start with what's good about this: This is the only cookie that really embraces salt. The addition of sea salt adds a good counterbalance to this gluten-free cookie's sweetness.

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I was trying to figure out a way to serve up a hot take and pronounce that this was not the best Girl Scout cookie, but I would have been kidding myself and doing you a disservice. This is, simply, a stellar cookie, and superior to the others if only because there are so many different things going on.

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An arrangement of classic snacks is a great way to keep guests happy until the Fourth of July picnic begins. The bright colors and nostalgic feel of licorice, pretzels and boxed caramel popcorn lend a festive baseball-game accent to the party.

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner. Whether you’re hosting a bash or just attending a party to ring in the new year, easy appetizers to pair with a celebratory glass of champagne are a must. These delicious dips are infinitely better than store bought and are sure to be the hit of the party.

With the weather warming up, you may not think about lighting candles. But if you love the sunniest season of the year, these scented candles will bring the spirit of summer into your home and give you a boost when winter comes again.

Dear Annie: I love chocolates, especially when they are in a box from a candy store or pharmacy. The problem is that once I start eating them,…

The first time I made Rice Krispies Treats, I used the original recipe. It was good, but I felt it needed a little more ... something.

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