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KHARKIV, Ukraine — Among the boarded-up windows and blast-scarred buildings of Ukraine’s second-largest city, where Russian missiles and rockets strike during the day and the night, fear forms the backdrop of life.

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Q: I live in a nine-unit self-managed condominium building. Over the years, the board members rented out their units. In one year, two units sold and a third unit is up for sale. I’m concerned about the direction we’re going in. The president still rents out his unit. I’m a long-time resident. What do you think of the status of this situation?

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Q: In our 60-unit building, our association board is reluctant to have a reserve study done for two reasons. First, the board members feel that they may have liability if they have a reserve study done and then work does not get completed. Second, depending on what comes up in the study, they don’t want to be forced to increase assessments.

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