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    TikTok creator @risinggeminis saw a dated chair at Goodwill and knew it had potential. Cutting the curtain off and deep cleaning revealed a super cool midcentury modern chair.

      You don’t need to buy an expensive vase to display your flowers. Instead, hit up a Goodwill for some old glasses like @genevavanderzeil and use paint to totally transform them.

        If you love all things Victorian and dark academia @paintedblackdecor’s thrifted lamp transformation will inspire you. You can also use thrifted shirts to upgrade any lamp shade.

        Everyone’s grandparents had one of Betty Crocker’s cookbooks on the shelf, and after watching this @timecapsulecafe video you’ll understand why. Angel sherbet should be the pretty pastel dessert we bring back this summer.

        TikTok creator @paige.berndt pulled this recipe from the Arthur United Methodist Church Cookbook. The ham and broccoli casserole is kid-friendly but once you remember how satisfying a casserole can be you might want to keep it for yourself.

        This super 60s recipe came from and old cookbook gifted to @mrsshoemaker by her grandmother. This super nostalgic recipe is worth passing on to the next generation.

        This perfectly plated recipe from @brandongouveia is the perfect thing to serve vegetarian friends. The Impossible “beef” stuffing might also fool your meat-eating friends.

        This delicious and simple dish from @scheckeats is the perfect way to use green plantains that aren’t fully ripe. You’ll want to make this as an appetizer for every dinner party.

        This classic Puerto Rican Dish is often compared to lasagna, but the plantains add a depth of flavor that’s completely unique. This recipe from @bigmamacooks_ is sure to be a hit.

        Plantains are the prefect food for summer since they go with so much other in-season produce. You can make sweet and savory dishes with these nutrient-packed fruits. Here are some of the best plantain recipes on TikTok.


        Tired of vacuuming your stairs? Rip out the carpet and give them a budget makeover like @atmeikasa did. If you have leftover paint, you can keep it even more budget friendly.

        TikTok creator @flippinggorgeous needed to replace some cracked kitchen counters without breaking the bank. By opting for a DIY butcher’s block counter, she was able to upgrade her kitchen for less than $1,200.

        Want a protein-packed dish that’s perfect for topping summer picnic sandwiches? Try this egg salad with added chickpeas and bright Mediterranean flavors from @themediterraneandish. 

        Is there anything nicer than a big crisp, flavorful salad packed with a variety of produce in the summer? If you’re on the fence, try this tasty garlicy salad from @feelgoodfoodie and you’ll be convinced.

        This juicy baked cod recipe from @mammamarzia (passed down from her mom), is absolutely gorgeous. Lemon, tomato, and parsley give this dish a bright, light flavor. We think it would be perfect with some grilled asparagus or an arugula salad on the side.

        Healthy eating FoodTok creators are always coming up with delicious recipes that will truly fuel you. If you’re trying a Mediterranean diet lifestyle, these recipes are the perfect thing to make this week.

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