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How many times will we have horrific mass shootings like Sandy Hook, Orlando, and now Las Vegas by deranged people using assault rifles as a weapon of mass destruction before banning them? We did that once and when it came up for re-authorization, Congress caved to the NRA and made their sale legal once more.

How many lives lost will it take before as a nation, we say enough? One is too many for me. If allowing virtually unrestricted ownership of assault weapons and high capacity magazines is the answer to a burning question, then someone please tell me the question. What purpose is served by the “right” to own a firearm capable of firing thousands of rounds in the space of 10 minutes? Why are modifications that convert a “semi-automatic” weapon to virtually automatic fire legal? One definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing and expect different results.

We allow private ownership of weapons whose only purpose ever was to kill enemy soldiers faster but are shocked at mass shootings. There is a brief period of hand wringing and nothing happens. If someone has some answers, I would like to hear them. I can’t answer the questions a not so still voice inside my head keeps asking. Maybe the Second Amendment advocates of the almost unfettered right of everyone to own an assault rifle can.

Evan Mandigo, Bismarck