Now that the Legislature has almost finished this session, we have some of the results of the “smarter than the average voter,” mostly male, work. First they raised their pay before any budget crunch. Then they went to work on the ethics amendment . Not needed -- voters don't understand political ethics as we do. We need to make it harder to pass these pesky amendments that we have to keep doctoring up.

Also get rid of that old equal rights thing, tighten the abortion laws, let them realize rape is not rape if an abusive husband does it. The “little wimmen” are just getting too uppity.

They are watching out for the oil industry, watching all the spills they promise to clean up and the flares the oil companies are too busy to take care of and the state doesn't have the gumption to fine for exceeding the limit.

This bunch will spend all the tax money necessary to do away with the present health care law. To their surprise, most people like it; but President Donald Trump promises to pass a better plan. Someday.

They also want to hold down wages, then wonder where the workers are. Duh!

They want to keep stricter voter laws. We need to keep college kids and Indians from flooding the polls with their liberal votes. We can't have such fraud!

Carol Bower, Bismarck

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