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The earliest mention of a flag with the colors red, white and blue was used as a rallying point in battles. It is said to have its beginning during the Colonial Revival Period. Perhaps 1777.

Frances Bellamy, a free mason and socialist was the first man to pen the “Pledge of Allegiance.” The pledge was first published in a magazine called “Youth’s Companion.” Bellamy’s intent was for the school children to recite the new promise with the hand in a so-called “Bellamy Salute” which Americans said resembled the salute of Nazi military.

Bellamy was said to have likened the pledge of allegiance to the Lord’s prayer. A rear admiral had another version but Bellamy didn’t approve of it, saying that it was juvenile and lacking dignity. Later when “under God” was added to the pledge, Bellamy’s daughter claimed it as an expression of loyalty.

I believe that people are using the American flag as if it is an idol. The stars and stripes is a totem thirsty tout court, thirsty for allegiance away from God. After 9/11 flags invaded the United States. It was like people were turning to the flag for protection. Manufacturers had to go abroad (China?) to keep up with the demand.

The flag does not hold sovereignty. God tells us in his that his banner over us is love. If the flag is more than an idol, why is it available for anyone to buy? If the flag is so all important why isn’t the flag code followed? Recently we have men on the game field who bow to the flag. Will we one day be persecuted for not bowing to the flag?

My pledge is:

“I pledge my allegiance to the Lamb of God’s

Holy Word and for the truth on which it

stands. One Sovereign God, Lord of all, dis-

persing mercy and grace to all.”

 My question is: Will you stand for Jesus the Christ or bow to the flag?

Linda Weldon, Bismarck