Turn down the volume at MDU Community Bowl

Turn down the volume at MDU Community Bowl


I am so thankful. We probably won't have to listen to the MDU Bowl blasting for quite a while. 

I'm especially glad the University of Mary football season is over. As a former manager of the Bowl said, "Mary is the worst for cranking up the volume." I agree! Their last game started at 2 p.m. The music, especially the bass, started at noon. The noise continued until 5 p.m. We hear it in our houses. 

One neighbor who was out raking said, "It was obnoxious. I could hear every word they said." Another teen, who walks a dog around our block said, "When I attend a game, I want to put my hands over my ears when they play the national anthem. It hurts." 

They tell me at the Bowl that if they turn it down, you can't hear on the field. Our neighborhood is half a mile from the speakers. There's something wrong with that scenario. 

Those responsible need to fix something so they can be good neighbors. 

Jim Hausler, the present manager, was very courteous. He said "he'd do what he could." The AD at U-Mary did not return my call. Nothing has changed, yet? 

Please stop forcing us to listen to every game whether we attend or not. 

Signy Leischner, Bismarck


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