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President Donald Trump and his Republican Congress cannot govern or lead. They have confirmed a Supreme Court nominee, granted tax relief for the very rich and gave us the “Trump Shutdown.” Now Trump has a scheme to “Make America White Again.”

Trump wants immigrants from Norway, not African nations, calling them a vulgar racist word.

I believe Trump vindictively terminated President Barack Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA) that provided work permits for immigrants known, as “Dreamers,” because he wants to destroy everything our first African-American president accomplished. On March 5, he wants to begin deporting 800,000 people brought into America, by their parents at the average age of 6.5 years, from the only country they have ever known.

DACA required them to enroll in high school, earn a diploma or equivalent, or be an honorably discharged military veteran. Today, 97 percent of them are in school (72 percent in college) or working at good jobs. They provide 700,000 jobs. The CATO Institute said, it would cost, in 10 years, $60 billion in lost taxable revenue if Dreamers were deported. Nine in 10 Americans support DACA.

Trump said, “If there is no wall, there is no DACA.” He is holding DACA recipients hostage to waste 25 billion taxpayer dollars, to build something that 62 percent of Americans don’t want. They cannot educate children in it, or drive on it. (statistics from nonpartisan Pew Research Center).

A bipartisan group of Senate negotiators reopened the government shutdown through Feb. 8 provided Republicans favorably fix the status of “Dreamers.” Will Republicans do what the American people want?

As long as, far-right Republicans control Congress and enable Trump’s erratic behavior I believe our democracy “Of the people, for the people, by the people,” is in real peril.

Larry Larsen, Mandan