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I have to laugh a little when I see the letters in the Tribune ridiculing and criticizing President Donald Trump. I can understand the frustration and turmoil these people are feeling. Yes, Trump says some outrageous and controversial things. Yes, he is at times a little loose with his tweets in his condemnation of people and issues of the day. But, at the end of that day, he says and does what we who support him wish we could say and do.

While he drives the media, the Democrats and a good portion of Republicans crazy, look what's going on behind the scenes. Trump, almost single-handedly, has decreased the U.S. debt by $150 billion. He added 298,000 new jobs in his first month alone. Illegal immigration is down 67 percent. He signed numerous executive orders that protect law enforcement, enforce regulatory reform, approved pipeline construction and other objectives too numerous to mention here.

And he does this without taking a single penny in payment. And subjecting himself to constant ridicule and condemnation from the left. He does all of this because of his love for our country. And he is putting America and her citizens first. He is putting America back on top as the leader of the free world. A stark contrast of what we had to endure from the previous administration.

So, while those who oppose the president continue with their protests, cause destruction and mayhem, the president, and those of us who support him, will continue to fix what ails our country.

Michael Schauer, Mandan