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The Tribune’s Oct. 12 headlines read like an anti-President Donald Trump rant festival. One in particular caught my attention. It was the news item, really an editorial, touting the opinions of some doctors promoting the benefits of contraception, and decrying the Trump options allowing non-contraception health plans — as though the choice to have such plans were a public outrage.

Now mind you, Trump’s reversal of President Barack Obama’s crass dictate that all plans must cover contraception does not deny the ability of those choosing to participate in such plans, or supplement their plans to obtain contraceptive coverage. What it does is restore the right of conscience to those millions of Americans, residing in a nation whose Constitution defends the right of religious liberty, to live according to their consciences.

For Catholics, and a number of other religious denominations, contraception is a deeply disordered practice that undermines the very purpose of human sexuality and the integrity of human love. The reasons for believing so are deeply rooted in Catholic moral theology, well reasoned and multifaceted; not the least reason being the inclusion of abortifacients which cause what Catholics profess to be the murder of unborn children.

Being forced to participate in a violation of conscience by funding for others what one holds to be an immoral practice is an outrage to religious organizations, individuals and business owners holding those deeply held convictions. To portray that refusal as a violation of the freedom of others, who are perfectly capable of choosing plans or supplements including contraceptives and paying for them, is an exercise in twisted rhetoric.

Crass dictates like those of Obama, running slipshod over religious freedom, are the best argument against federally controlled and mandated medical insurance.

William Schuh, Mandan

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