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First lady Kathryn Helgaas Burgum makes addiction speeches. Her husband oversees one of the very agencies that creates addicts. Opioid addicts. It is the policy of Workforce Safety & Insurance to have their pain management personnel prescribe opioids to keep injured workers working.

Check out these three policies from WSI:

Medical treatment guidelines, N.D. Workforce Safety & Insurance.

New chronic opioid therapy medical policy, WSI.

Introduction of Cordant Heath Solutions for N.D. WSI.

And this: Burleigh County is an opioid hotspot for injured workers, Grand Forks Herald.

It saves WSI money to keep injured employees working. It doesn’t matter if by being numb these employees continue to get hurt so long as they keep working. So eventually as these employees continue to get injured more and more, they cannot get off the opioids.

Now we have a severely injured worker, addicted to opioids because his injuries are permanent, but let’s keep the person working. If his doctors say no to the job scrolls we sent out, let’s keep fishing for anyone who will to say yes, they can work.

Nearly everyone in this state knows someone who was injured severely by WSI policies. We need to band together and make changes to WSI or give other insurance companies the opportunity to enter the state and cover the employees.

It is time to call and email your local legislators and the governor to create policies that will help the injured workers of North Dakota, not set them up to be injured to the point of no quality of life for them.

Having the governor oversee an agency that creates addicts and having his wife go around telling people not to be addicts is a huge conflict of interest. 

But they created Recovery Reinvented for this purpose?

Marie Landsberger, Bismarck

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