Once upon a time there was a little boy. This little boy was littler than most and also was quite sickly, suffering from terrifying episodes brought on by asthma. However, this was no ordinary little boy and he took on the fight with his affliction by literally fighting it -- in the boxing ring. A fight he won and that would be a portend of things to come.

For he would become a writer and author and prolific reader consuming over 10,000 books. He won a Nobel Peace Prize. He would become a public servant holding many positions before becoming a two- term president.

As president he would become known as the "trust buster" breaking the power and might of the so-called robber barons. He was the consummate conservationist too, establishing the National Park System, the National Forest Service and designated 18 National Monuments. He was the visionary behind the building of the Panama Canal.

He was a soldier and led the charge up San Juan Hill during the Spanish-American War for which he posthumously was awarded the Medal of Honor. 

And finally, he was one of us. He brought his toughness and pluck out here to the Badlands during which time he credits with helping to shape him to be the man he was -- our own Teddy Roosevelt.  A true North Dakotan!

And now through the visionaries who created the Legacy Fund, we have a mechanism in which to bring Roosevelt back home and build a fitting monument to his celebrate his legacy. That being the dollars available to help honor this "larger than life" man with a Presidential Library and Museum located in the national park that bears his name.

Therefore, I urge our legislators and all citizens of our great state to do the right thing and support and finance our portion of this incredible opportunity. Together, let's do this. Bully.

Ted Hardmeyer, Regent

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