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Fargo's Gate City Bank recently handed out $1,000 bonus checks to 538 non-management personnel, and awarded $500,000 in charitable giving and free home appraisals. What should we thank? Tax cuts.

Shopping malls are becoming more crowded, sales are steadily rising, and North Dakotans are glistening with confidence. Everyone appreciates a gift, and I can tell you that this one is not being taken for granted.

For example, Waste Management in North Dakota plans to give $2,000 in bonuses to 34,000 employees. And this is just the beginning. Because of lower tax rates, companies are now able to reinvest into the future of their businesses and their employees.

Regardless of what others may think, North Dakotans have proof that tax cuts are working in their favor.

Rep. Tom Kading, R-Fargo