A wiser man than am I said "when we blame everyone we blame no one." We merely supply the real culprits with an excuses for their failure by pointing to others. The failure to pass meaningful gun control laws are a prime example, but there is other needed legislation failing to move forward all pointing to the same two culprits, Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell. Months ago meaningful gun control legislation landed on McConnell's desk and still he has taken no action. Thomas Jefferson in part wrote in the declaration of independence "governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed ; that whenever any form of government shall become destructive of those ends, it is the right of people to alter or abolish it, and institute a new government." 

Survey after survey demonstrate clearly that the vast majority of citizens want stronger gun control laws, Clearly Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell have become the new government by not respecting many laws or precedents and filling the airways with their lies and blunder upon blunder. Jefferson’s advice gives us the solution to this problem, remove those culprit from office in the next election and reinstitute a government that served us well in the past. My heart and prayers to all who lost loved once in gun violence which prompted me to write here.

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Ronald Leingang, Bismarck

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