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The Crested Butte Subdivision paving project was approved on Jan. 17. Before approval, I called Casey Einren, assistant engineer. My concern was a steep road to three residences. Right now gravel provides traction and stopping ability. Pavement with freezing rain and ice could turn serious. If injury occurs, who would be responsible, the engineers, commissioners, petition gatherers?

His response was sand trucks will get out early. Right now it takes two to three days to get our roads plowed. I also have a problem with the petition itself. I received a copy of the petition with seven sheets dated by the auditor on 9-19-17. There was an eighth sheet dated 1-16-18. The commission meeting was 1-17-18. One extra signature on the eighth sheet approved the project.

The auditor stated regardless of the date it was approved with State's Attorney Richard Riha present. The attorney general's office said I need an attorney. Riha blamed the Legislature for no petition guidelines. Auditor Kevin Glatt said the commission received the petition results at the time they declared the Resolution of Necessity 11-20-17. I contacted a commissioner as to when he received the petition. His response was, there were multiple dates with different results.

I have not seen actual petition. He referred me back to Glatt because his old computer has limited memory and no way to go back and look for dates or content. With petition flaws and no study done on the dangers of the steep road, this project must be scrapped, if not for the flawed petition but for safety reasons. Emergency vehicles could be delayed, making it a life-and-death situation. Also going to work, doctor appointments or just leaving would make it impossible.

Gary Hoffer, Bismarck

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