I read the letter to the editor in which the writer indicated that The Bismarck Tribune has become an East Coast liberal newspaper. So when is it an East Coast liberal idea to speak the truth.

I found it refreshing to see some amount of concern that our legislature fought tooth and nail to stop any kind of ethics in government. That our legislature was doing everything possible to prohibit the auditor from doing the job of what the auditor is supposed to do. That the oil companies are getting special considerations as they continue to flare and that there is inadequate reporting on pipeline spills.

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I do not believe truth is a liberal or conservative ideal, it is simply the truth. I commend The Bismarck Tribune for following these issues and reporting on them which is what our first amendment is all about. We need journalism and we need facts so people can make good decisions. There is not one issue in that article that was untrue.

Norton Lovold, Bismarck

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