On behalf of North Dakota’s soybean and canola growers, I want to thank Sen. Heidi Heitkamp for her leadership and active support of the biodiesel industry. Soybean and canola growers are facing a lot of economic uncertainty right now. We’re achieving record production levels, but ongoing trade disputes are closing off markets and undercutting prices. Increasing biodiesel production every year can provide a stable, predictable market.

In late August, Heitkamp wrote to EPA Acting Administrator Andrew Wheeler -- and gathered bipartisan signatures from 38 of her colleagues, including Sen. John Hoeven – urging him to increase Renewable Fuel Standard volumes. The biodiesel industry produces more fuel than the volumes Congress set more than a decade ago. I agree with our senators that EPA should show more confidence in the RFS program’s ability to drive growth in the biodiesel industry.

The RFS program’s future is vital to North Dakota’s economy. It can help our state retain its leading position in domestic energy production. Every 100 million gallons of domestic biodiesel production creates several thousand jobs throughout our state’s economy. Biodiesel blending is a commonsense addition to our nation’s all-of-the-above energy strategy.

Ryan Pederson, Rolette

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