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I was born in 1942; Franklin D. Roosevelt was president. As an American, I am ashamed that you and I would have to question the allegiance of any president. That day has happened.

In Brussels, President Donald Trump undermined our defensive anti-Russian NATO alliance, calling it “obsolete.” Retired Lt. Col. Ralph Peters said watching NATO diplomats’ dealing with Trump was like watching “Psychiatrists deal with a disturbed child.”

Prior to Trump’s inauguration, he was shown highly classified CIA intelligence, indicating that Vladimir Putin ordered cyberattacks to sway the election. The evidence included texts and emails from Russian military officers and information from a top-secret source close to Putin.

In Helsinki, Trump insisted, “there was no collusion” with Russia, saying, “Putin was extremely strong and powerful in his denial.” Retired CIA director John Brennan said Trump’s comment was “nothing short of treasonous.”

During the Helsinki press conference, Putin was asked if he wanted Trump to win the presidential election or if he directed any officials to help him do that, Putin responded twice, "Yes, I did.” Putin was also asked if he had dirt on Trump, his rambling response was 220 words long; he never said no.

Republican Sen. John McCain said, "The press conference in Helsinki was one of the most disgraceful performances by an American president in memory. The damage inflicted by President Trump's naivete, egotism, false equivalenc, and sympathy for autocrats is difficult to calculate. No prior president has ever abased (humiliated) himself more abjectly (miserably) before a tyrant.”

Trump had a two-hour secret conference with Putin; no one knows what the two talked about. Trump doesn’t have any interest in developing tactics to stop Russian interference in the upcoming November mid-term elections. Why is that?

Larry Larsen, Mandan

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