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Sadly our cruel, incompetent, politically divisive Republican president cages children, dehumanizes immigrants, guts health care protections and uses his office to enrich himself instead of being the president of all the citizens of the United States.

Republican Ronald Reagan, as president, called America, “A shining city upon a hill.” Donald Trump has seized, 3,000 children from Spanish-speaking immigrant families who are seeking the opportunity to reach that shining city upon a hill like our immigrant ancestors did.

In a detention center warehousing 1,500 children, there is a wall mural of Trump hideously proclaiming in Spanish, “Sometimes losing a battle (Mexico refused to pay for my border wall) you find a new way to win the war” (Holding children hostage until Congress funds my wall).

The mayor of Brownsville, Texas, said the problem of “safety and security” on the border is fiction.

Children are sleeping in cages, some on mats, some on concrete floors, curled into fetal positions under foil blankets. The children are extremely stressed and will be emotionally scarred for life

Where are the hundreds of Trump incarcerated Hispanic babies? What threat does a baby present to America? When will they be reunited with their mothers?

Trump has made every American complicit in his hideously immoral crime because we taxpayers are paying for it.

In 1968, I visited the Dachau concentration camp memorial site north of Munich, Germany. I’ve seen the 220-volt electric barbwire fences. I’ve stood in a large gas chamber. I’ve seen the ovens. It was a necessary unpleasant educational experience. Trump’s Holocaust like, racist activities must stop.

Being an American isn’t easy because it’s all about citizenship. Trump’s self-infatuated ego is unable to comprehend the qualities of allegiance, kindness, decency and personal sacrifices that it takes to be a good citizen.

Larry Larsen, Mandan