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I have someone dear to me who made some mistakes in life to include a felony during a time of dealing with an addiction that was strongly dictating his behavior. He has been sober for over four years now and is wanting desperately to have the opportunity to enter the workforce and use the talents and skills to work toward the success he once had. The workplace has all but shut off his opportunity to once again be considered for hire ... not even as a gas station attendant.

With one click of today's technology in spreading out one's life history for all to see, a split-second decision is made if "felony" is included: into the circular basket of no consideration it goes. Are we in Bismarck or surrounding communities not wanting to give our people of questionable past histories an opportunity to regain a worthwhile life with hopes and possibilities?

Please open your hearts and doors to those seeking new choices in life. At least take a few seconds to check out the worth and background of the applicant and the possibility of giving a "diamond in the rough" the dignity of being considered for hire.

Shirley Bachmeier, Bismarck