North Dakota has open enrollment as a matter of law. This law was passed to give the children of this state the best possible scenario to help them excel in life's journey. Open enrollment creates opportunities for kids that may not fit in at their current school. 

There is a great injustice being committed by the North Dakota High School Activities Association. The association has aggressively attacked the motives of open enrollment students and denied them the same rights and privileges afforded the rest of North Dakota's student population. The association does this by denying any child that open enrolls to another school the right to compete in any high school activities for one full year. (they do have a complicated hardship exemption in place that leaves children out). Doing so, the association violates its own mission statement.

If a kid does not fit in in their current school situation they can count on being punished by the NDHAA. These kids will not be allowed to compete in the very things claimed in the NDHSAA Mission statement which is "Supplementing the dramatic, literary, music and physical education programs of the schools and giving due emphasis to those tendencies which promise best to promote the mental and physical health and social well-being of all students."

I have a daughter impacted by the association's rules.

Kids are not the property of a school district. Open Enrollment was adopted to help our children. It is an abomination that a kid that gets good grades, works hard and doesn't get in trouble with the law is excluded and punished by the activities association for a full year! Speech, choir, one act plays and sporting events are part of the high school experience and the NDHSAA is denying children this experience.

Daniel R. Wagner, Lisbon

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