Dave Nehring was right in his letter to the editor regarding the coverage and attitudes expressed by the Tribune.

The newspaper clearly does not understand our state and needs a crash course on the history of North Dakota before it became an economic leader and the youngest state in the nation. They need to know what the economy was like in the 1980s and 1990s and how the "brain drain" led to decades of lost talent.

What our state has undertaken stretches beyond our borders. The benefits North Dakota has provided to the world in the last ten years is extraordinary. While we earn the benefits of the oil and gas boom in North Dakota, the industry provides the world with a new source of energy. It has brought favorable oil prices for consumers across the world and established America as a secure, stable energy supplier. Best of all, our country can minimize hostile engagement and negotiate from a position of strength.

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No one would claim the growth has been perfect. However, the state, local governments and industry have worked well together to solve challenges and we avoided becoming like California, Colorado, and New York who have fought energy to the detriment of their economies and consumers.

Unfortunately, the Tribune has failed to be a partner in that effort, offering only its noxious attitude, shallow stories, complaints, and no workable solutions. The paper is no longer a reflection of our local community and needs a major change.

Nathan Lindelow, Bismarck

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