Energy Transfer owes the Natives an Oil Pipeline Transit Fee and the state of North Dakota the cost of policing the protesters’ camps.

Mandan shames itself by accepting Energy Transfer money. North Dakota slanders Native Title by suing the federal government instead of Energy Transfer for provoking a measured and constitutionally appropriate response to the oil industry's aggression against those whom the white world starved then robbed.

The citizens of North Dakota and the United States deserve the pipeline. The Natives deserve, but did not get, what the International Oil Industry calls an Oil Pipeline Transit Fee. Energy Transfer evaded the law signed by President Richard Nixon, the Environmental Protection Act. Energy Transfer evaded the law by chopping their project’s route into hundreds of 1/4 acre pieces and thereby exempting themselves from Nixon’s EPA.

So what did the Obama politicos, the U.S. Trustee, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers do? They averted their eyes.

Cursed be he who moves the Boundary Stones! Energy Transfer was permitted to violate not only the express intent of the EPA but also violate the never amended 1868 Fort Laramie Treaty. Racists will say there was a second Fort Laramie Treaty. It was no treaty, it was an act of brutality, “Starve or Sign.” They did not sign.

So absent a rewrite to the treaty in response to the Natives’ refusal to abrogate the Fort Laramie Treaty, Congress approved homesteading of land in which the DAPL pipeline is buried. The DAPL route violates Native Title. DAPL functions on land taken from the Natives without compensation. Energy Transfer owes the Natives an Oil Pipeline Transit Fee calculated by the economists who apply the standards of the International Oil Industry.

Who permitted the sin? An unfaithful Democrat, Obama and his underlings.

Fintan Dooley, Bismarck

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