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To the people of Bismarck, Burleigh County:

I am responding to a recent letter regarding property taxes. The Burleigh County auditor-treasurer was correct in stating that property taxes are up an average of 10.77 percent from 2016.

Please look at your property tax statement to see where the increases are from — what taxing authority — your taxes increased.

Every tax statement shows a three-year comparison and the amount of legislative tax relief and state-paid tax credit. Also, each statement shows the amount levied by local government in 2016 as compared to 2017.

Clearly, the increases in 2017 are not from increased spending by local government. Burleigh County actually reduced taxes by about 11 mills.

Please read your tax statement for the correct information.

Kathleen Jones, Bismarck

Kathleen Jones is a Burleigh County commissioner.