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I did a little research regarding the NFL players protesting police brutality against African -Americans.

1. According to the 2010 United States Census Bureau (the most recent available I could find) and the NAACP incarceration rates by race are not equal. The per capita incarceration rate for blacks in the U.S. is more than 5 times the rate of whites. It is no wonder that the per capita rate of blacks being shot by law enforcement is twice the rate of whites. What should law enforcement do? Not arrest those of a certain color?

2. I’m disappointed that the national news networks don’t report on some of this data at a deeper level than simply at a cherry-picked level that supports a view that makes our law enforcement appear racist — sad.

Perhaps disrespecting our flag, our national anthem, military, veterans who died for our nation, local law enforcement, etc., helps to cover up and create a fog over the real issues. Could it be that these same groups such as Black Lives Matter, many NFL football players and teams, and especially the national news networks want to show disrespect to our national anthem and our flag instead of dealing with the real issue of irresponsible individual behavior?

3. It appears to me that the emphasis and push behind supporting Black Lives Matter and the NFL players protesting our flag is to see how easily the media can control the masses. It reminds me of the book “1984.” This is scary.

4. Another perspective is that almost all of those injured by law enforcement are those who don’t listen to law enforcement when they are stopped.

I commend our law enforcement for keeping the death rate during arrests as low as it is.

Gaylynn Becker, Bismarck