When liberals are unable to support their positions with facts, they resort to attacking the character of anyone who disagrees with them. Jackie Adams (10/21/19) accused me of being paranoid, arrogant, intolerant, an isolationist and unable to “discern between opinions and the truth” without any basis/support. She clearly does not understand my opinion letters. I have written letters on:

1. Economic and income tax issues as I have been a CPA since 1975 and I have a Master of Business Administration from the University of Mary.

2. Climate change (3/1 & 7/27/19 – Roberta please read). I worked for Basin Electric for 30 years and management was reviewing global warming/climate change in the ‘90s. I’ve continued to research/study this issue.

3. Opposing abortion, and in support of Evangelical Christians; I am a practicing Roman Catholic.

I apologize that I didn’t include Jackie in my liberal “platoon” list!

Roberta Nelson (10/17/19) called me a fool and accused me of having “selective memory syndrome”. Her letter did prompt me to make a phone call and research past editions of the Tribune. After reading publisher, Gary Adkisson’s column of October 18, I called him. We cordially agreed that the majority of the opinions, cartoons and the primary news feed (AP) that the Tribune receives are liberal. I apologized for accusing the Tribune of being liberal; they have primarily liberally biased sources (New York Times/Washington Post).

I reviewed the Opinion pages from January 1, 2016 – November 8, 2016. There were:

1. No portrayals of President Obama as a monkey (big ears (7); caricature?).

2. Three negative cartoons on Hillary’s ethics (Remember her unethical ‘90s?).

In 2019 there were four cartoons on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez; three vs. Nancy Pelosi; one on climate.

What do the majority of North Dakotans believe/value? Donald Trump - 63% (2016)!

Rod Kuhn, Bismarck

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