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Letter: Where do we go from here?

Letter: Where do we go from here?


Politically our choice comes down to which party we choose. One campaigns on "cutting spending and cutting taxes." They win, swear to uphold the constitution and then reject the founding principles. And unlike their trickledown economics theory this starts at the top of the party and trickles down. They attempt to deny voting rights on the false claims of fraud. Promoting the general welfare could be as easy as wage increase for those who actually work and whose output benefits us all but this parties' "let them eat cake" stance has led to an ever-growing divide between the wealthy and the middle class and working poor. Adhering to the oath of ensuring domestic tranquility would require them to call out the white power hate groups, the conspiracy theorists and the media that speaks to undermine the government entities that we trust: the CIA, FBI Foreign Intelligence. The rule of law is set aside as corruption is ignored and laws are broken even at the highest level, as the system of checks and balances is eroded and the seeds of Fascism takes hold. The oath to protect against foreign and domestic enemies would require them to at least identify and acknowledge them and publicly take a stand. Throughout history factors in place that destroyed great nations were: all wealth in the hands of a few, the breakdown of the rule of law, control of the media to spread misinformation and propaganda to control citizens to keep them angry and divided and the ongoing corruption at the highest level. Founding principles, justice, equality and patriotism are guidelines for lawmakers and citizens alike and on which the country's greatness depends.

Renee Lowenstein, Bismarck


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