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Letter: When will we unite to defeat COVID?

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Violence at school board meetings! Children dying unnecessarily. I dedicate this letter to a health 9-year-old, Teresa Sperry of Virginia, who died 5 days after getting COVID. When will it end? How much more unnecessary death will it take to satisfy "you"? Yes you that will not wear a mask; will not get vaccinated; all in the name of personal freedom. You get pandered to by selfish; self-serving politicians who do not give a rip about you or the country, only themselves! You fight mandates and anything that could prevent "UNNECESSARY DEATH"! A few short weeks ago we all united in remembrance of 9/11, the day terrorists (A-Qa'ida) took only 2,977 lives. I say "only" because while 2,977 lives lost is tragic, it is a far cry from 700,000 lives lost to COVID! Yet we cannot unite to defeat COVID all in the name of "your selfish, self-centered, false personal freedom belief." No more! It is time to call each and every one of you for what you are, "Domestic Terrorists"! You are no better than Al-Qa'ida or the Proud Boys! Each want to take lives by "UNNECESSARY DEATH," but also end democracy as we know it. You can no longer hide falsely behind the "constitution" or self-serving politicians. You are a "Domestic Terrorist," willing to put yourself first and the constitution, the USA, and its children last! FYI, Donald Trump lost; the election was fair; and Trump is a loser! Our Governor gets only a D+ for a halfhearted effort on masks! His failed effort cost lives and he knows it! Mask up ND was a joke! As for you, you have been forever labeled, for your self-center self-serving distorted view of what you believe personal freedom is! "Personal Freedom" is to "LIVE" WITHOUT the FEAR of dying unnecessarily!

William Jorgensen, Williston


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