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Letter: Wearing masks can become safety norm

Letter: Wearing masks can become safety norm


Thank you Governor Burgum for instituting a mask mandate in order to save lives and medical capacity.

There are those who for a variety of reasons oppose the requirement to use masks. Today people obtain their "facts" from sources that reinforce their beliefs, values and attitudes. No amount of analysis or science will convince those entrenched in their reality, Discussions about mask mandates usually evolve into the topic of Constitutional rights violations. What? Maybe it is the thought their liberty is in peril. Well before the word "liberty" is mentioned in the Constitution other ideals take precedence. Promoting the general welfare is listed before securing the blessings of liberty. The term general welfare in the context of 1787, when it was written, came to mean health, happiness and prosperity. Health is what this is about.

We drive on the right side of the roadway and we expect (trust) other drivers will too. We don't have to think about it, it is automatic, it is normal, we just do it. Using masks can become the norm for societal safety too.

Les Witkowski, Bismarck


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