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Letter: We should convert to nuclear power

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After last summer's record setting temperatures, fires, flash floods, storms, etc., we got a taste of what can occur next year. The fact that glaciers, North and South Pole ice is melting causing major misery for island populations and sea side cities around the world is not good. Unfortunately wind turbines, solar panels, ocean wave action even water power generation is threatened, look at Hoover Dam all this will only help somewhat. What "We" need is big time power generation, especially if electric vehicle battery charging takes off 24/7! Which means converting from fossil fuels to nuclear power to produce the megawatts needed.

Now before everyone has a conniption fit read Jonah Goldberg's article in the Oct. 29 Bismarck Tribune, he presents a measured discussion for nuclear operations. The only problem I see is the use of water cooled systems with the Fukushima disaster as a prime example. Other incidents in the U.S. like Three Mile Island had no or very few health problems compared to COVID-19. The real difficulty is nuclear waste and if Yucca Mountain is reopened and all stored on site waste is reused or processed into that facility no "Nuclear Problem."

''We'' had better get a move on Mother Nature isn't going to press the Pause Button and wait for 2030 or whatever, things are "Heating Up" to coin a phrase!

Dennis Murphy, Bismarck


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