Letter: Voter ID laws don't discriminate

Letter: Voter ID laws don't discriminate


I understand there are organized groups suing the state of North Dakota because the state requires a valid address before you can vote. They claim that it discriminates against people that have no address.

I find this difficult to believe because a while ago every road had to be identified so -- as emergency personnel could promptly find the people in need. If I am mistaken about this and certain areas were left out of this, then wouldn't it be more prudent to identify these roads so they can be used for an address?

It also states that some people may not even know the address they live at. Would seem to me that the Christian thing would be to educate them and help them live a better more educated life than to organize groups to fight to keep them in their current oblivion.

Money is being spent organizing these organizations and paying for lawyers to fight in court for the organizations cause. You are not fooling everyone, it is not possible to care about people when you are openly fighting to keep them as they are. Take a small fraction of the money you are spending on your cause to helping these people.

Seems nowadays if you spend enough money in the pursuit of recognition, regardless who gets trampled on, you get recognized. What then?

Only criminals are against laws against criminals.

Jim Braun, Belfield


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