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Letter: Vaccine warrants healthy skepticism

Letter: Vaccine warrants healthy skepticism

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I am a native North Dakotan who grew up 75 miles east of the river, but I identify very strongly with the rugged individuals and fellow citizens in the southwestern part of the state, who Mr. Omdahl said are threatening our state's good standing in managing this pandemic. Their independent minds have somehow afflicted them with a severe bout of mistrust "to the level of paranoia," he says, which "has been and will be costing lives." Why is a healthy dose of skepticism costing lives, I am asking... because "COVID [is] floating in every breath," according to Mr. Omdahl. It is this kind of media generated paranoia, I submit, that has in part generated the alleged mistrust of many of us. Also for those who have done some reading, mostly outside the usual media outlets, this is the first time in human history this type of mRNA injection (it's not a true vaccine) has been widely used. Because of the so-called emergency nature of the COVID threat this experimental serum has gotten expedited approval without long term testing on its safety. Further reading will reveal, all of us who live north of the 35th parallel (the southern border of Kansas) cannot get enough vitamin D from the sun to keep our immune systems healthy, especially in winter or if you work inside. Seventy to 80 percent of us are deficient. Further research will show there are very safe and effective medications that treat this virus, ivermectin for one. So from a, dare I say, rugged individualistic perspective one could ask themselves, why would I get an untested jab in the arm when there are well proven ways I can keep myself healthy and also treat this thing if I do get it?

Robert Kolberg, Bismarck


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