Letter: Unhappy voters should wait for election

Letter: Unhappy voters should wait for election


Recall is a serious and expensive procedure that should not be used when “they did not vote the way we wanted them to vote.” Our several levels of government federal, state, county, city and various elected boards are a representative form of government. We vote for candidates for these offices based on our personal preference and judgments. When elected they carry out the duties of the office, not the desires of specific voters. We do not have our elected officials “under our thumbs” for them to ask us how we want them to vote on any particular issue. If we are unhappy with them we can choose not to vote to reelect them. Unhappy voters should wait for the next election when they themselves can run for the office held by someone who did not vote the way they wanted them to vote.

Bob Wefald, Bismarck


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