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Letter: Trump leadership causes damage

Letter: Trump leadership causes damage


In 2016, Trump offered a smorgasbord of benefits if elected, plus a stable mental genius at the helm with expertise in meteorology, epidemiology. foreign policy, military matters, etc. "I alone can do this." Remember?

The promise and the realities? "So many wins that we would be tired of winning" did not keep up with the failures.

"The virus would soon disappear" morphed into 3,000,000 cases.

Mexico did not pay for the wall.

A foreign policy of "beautiful letters" and "beautiful phone calls" and falling in love with North Korea's dictator earned only ridicule for America. Trump, campaigning, said Europe was laughing at us. Well, now she is and in addition, telling us to stay home.

Massive Black Lives Matter demonstrations required a national response, not a lonely man in front of a church holding up a Bible.

Then there is the collateral damage to what America is all about. After centuries of building a reservoir of decency, Trump has virtually destroyed it in three years with lies, name-calling, bullying, and public vulgarity. Trump has defined deviant behavior down and his supporters cheer both the message and the messenger. Republican enablers, by looking the other way, or by silence, or with lame responses, are complicit in the harm he has done. Our three delegates are as guilty as the rest. Silence confirms guilt. Their legacy awaits judgement by future North Dakota historians. (Good luck with that.)

Finally, Trump's Russian nemesis. A recent cartoonist caught the essence: there's Putin in the shadows playing Cossack dances on a balalaika while trump performs!

Trump kicks his feet to the right, then to the left, red necktie flapping. OH! imagine how much better he could dance if it weren't for those damnable bone spurs!

Four more years? How about four months?

Dominic Schaff, Bismarck


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