Letter: Tobacco sales should be similar to alcohol

Letter: Tobacco sales should be similar to alcohol


Obviously I'm for freedom of choice. I was an advocate for our adult beverage establishments, who were wrongly forced to become nonsmoking. I see all sides and heard all the related anecdotes. I am also a lifetime addict of smoking, I picked up the pack a day habit from a full time smoking mother when I was 15, though I smoked as young as 10 years old. I have ashtray dived for a few more hits, I've bummed, stolen, traded, and sold my future for another cigarette, another pack, or even just a drag. Knowing all along that continuing was a financial and health limiting suicide. If we can hold off a growing child's decision and ease their life by making the decision for them, just as we do for alcohol, I'm all for it. It's an addiction, that no one really wants. Ease of access, has and will continue as long as we continue selling these drugs at every convenience store. Raising the legal age will not solve the problem, though it will create more problems. Taking this drug out of everyday retail stores would change the supply and demand dynamic, and create a more out of sight, out of mind logical attack on this epidemic. If you want tobacco, nicotine or vape products, you have to go to a tobacco and vape shop. Currently if you want alcohol, you have to go to a alcohol store. Sorry Walmart, in my reality, you aren't able to sell either one. Unless you have a separate store.

But if we are to slow the cigarette problem down, the next campaign should be changing the distribution of them to simulate alcohol distribution. Tough luck gas stations, but you've been assisting in killing us with kindness for too long. 

Jerod Hawk, Mandan 


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