Letter: Thank police for protecting, serving

Letter: Thank police for protecting, serving


Why is it that you seldom hear the good that police officers do? Do you ever hear that a police officer held someone's hand at a deadly auto accident while they died so they would not die alone? How about hugging a parent whose child just died from injuries? The day my wife and I almost died in an auto accident they were so kind and compassionate. The public seldom hears the good they do, but let them do wrong and they are climbed all over for it. A young lady was in labor and their car broke down on the way to the hospital, and a police man delivered that beautiful baby, never hear that either. Our ladies and gentlemen in blue deal with the miscreants of society on a daily basis while protecting us, and often from ourselves. I thank them every chance I get for protecting and serving us and praying for them so they may get a chance to hug their wives and children. Blue lives matter also. May God bless them. Thank you.

Daniel Wintermeyer, Bismarck


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