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Letter: Taxpayers won't benefit from decarbonizing coal

Letter: Taxpayers won't benefit from decarbonizing coal

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I do not share Senator Hoeven’s enthusiasm for carbon capture. Given the political realities in Washington, it may be the price we have to pay to save our coal industry. But let’s not pretend that storing carbon dioxide, a trace gas in the atmosphere essential for life on earth, has anything to do with environmental stewardship.

Before he became governor, Doug Burgum appeared on the Scott Hennen show and fielded a call from a citizen who claimed that the scientific case in support of dangerous man-made global warming was weak. Burgum agreed.

What would cause Burgum to not believe the prevailing dogma that the science is settled and beyond debate? Perhaps he knew that the vaunted climate models fail miserably at forecasting global temperature. Back in 2014, Dr. Roy Spencer studied the temperature forecasts from 90 computer models. His analysis showed that more than 95% of the models over-forecast the warming trend since 1979, compared to actual temperature measurements. In other words, they predicted a warmer future than what actually occurred.

These false predictions should cause climate scientists to question the carbon dioxide theory of global warming which drives their models. However, mainstream climate science, a field Dr. Richard Lindzen finds corrupted by money and politics, has little inclination to conform their theory and models to reality.

Thriving on the false knowledge generated by establishment climate scientists is a vast and powerful nexus of political, academic, business, and other vested interests. Dr. Bjorn Lomborg calls it the “climate industrial complex,” which includes those who will benefit from “decarbonizing” coal-fired electricity. Taxpayers and consumers certainly will not.

The cost of implementing carbon capture is only part of the trillions we will pay because Washington blindly follows the climate science establishment led by the UN. This is nothing to celebrate.

David Crane, Mott


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