Letter: Support transparent impeachment trial

Letter: Support transparent impeachment trial


Dear Senators Hoeven and Cramer,

I hope you have enjoyed this sacred season with your families. Soon you will return to our nation’s capital to fulfill the duties that we the people of North Dakota entrust you with. One of those duties will be the Senate trial of our president; presumably, Speaker Pelosi will soon forward the Articles of Impeachment to the upper house.

Criticisms of the impeachment process in the House of Representatives are well known. They include partisanship and a denial of testimony from witnesses requested by the Republican minority. However, Senate Majority Leader McConnell has announced his “total coordination” with the White House on the rules of the trial, and he has stated his intent not to call any witnesses.

Americans of all persuasions find this disturbing. While our constitution does not outline the impeachment trial process, our justice system is built upon impartiality and the testimony of credible witnesses. Anything less will be a repeat of the allegedly partisan process of the House of Representatives, will further divide the country, and undermine the reputation of the Senate.

President Trump has declared his innocence. The lack of a fair and open trial will deny him a chance to be exonerated, leaving a cloud of suspicion hanging over him. Only a process consistent with the highest standards of jurisprudence including the testimony of knowledgeable witnesses will present him with the opportunity for him to clear his name.

For the sake of public confidence and adherence to democratic principles of impartial justice, I urge you to support a transparent process that will include testimony by credible witnesses on both sides. This is necessary for you and your Senate colleagues to fulfill your constitutional oaths to act as impartial jurors.

James Moos, Streeter 


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