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Letter: Social media should be held accountable

Letter: Social media should be held accountable


Instead of destroying our own mental health over the take-over of the U.S. Capitol and what it means to our country; maybe we should take a moment to recognize what was achieved.

The rioters accomplished in a few hours what President Trump's critics failed to accomplish in over four years; they proved the president to be a dangerous person who cannot be allowed to hold the office of the president. Narcissist cowards cannot hold powerful offices. Narcissist because Trump sent people who loved him into harms way to achieve his ends and coward because he told them he would lead the way and then disappeared into a secure location. Narcissist because Trump, for four years, has taken staff that have tried to be loyal and destroyed their ability to do so with his behaviors and then ridiculed and threatened them all while cowardly hiding behind Twitter so he wouldn't have to discuss their grievances in the public's forums.

They also made clear that there must be some form of censorship of social media sites so that inflammatory falsehoods are extinguished before they start a fire to burn down the democracies of the world. Social media needs to be held responsible for the results of the lies they allow to be forwarded; particularly such obvious lies as Qanon, this election being stolen, the superiority of any race or the idea that wealth equals success.

They showed us what the plans of Vladimir Putin are for democracies. Putin clearly showed us these in his actions in the Ukraine. He divided Ukrainians into warring groups so he could take some measure of control without losing a man or firing a shot. We didn't pay attention.

We must recognize the truth or be tools of the liars. Those are our only two choices.

Eric Thompson, Bismarck


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