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Letter: Small change would improve North Dakota hunting

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Have a 70 year old friend back in ND for a visit. Enjoys pheasant hunting. Seniors are aware, and for younger folks that haven't given this much thought; we aren't as spry physically as we were in our 30s.

ND Game and Fish regulations for ALL hunters are legislatively set. Century Code 20.1-03-07 for nonresidents. When it was pencil and paper at the hardware store, gas station, or elsewhere to buy a license, 14 CONSECUTIVE or 2 7 day CONSECUTIVE periods made sense for bookkeeping and enforcement.

Now; licenses are mostly purchased online. Many out of staters may enjoy a day off in the middle of their visit to sight see, visit friends, recuperate knees, hips, back, etc. not wanting to hunt CONSECUTIVE days for the time periods mentioned above. With electronic licensing they could pick and choose the days they want to go. If they pick a day, and then don't go, they lose it. Logistics wouldn't be hard for this. Example: make the license good for 14 days, pick and choose the dates you want to use; maybe 12 hours or so before use, print a new certificate to carry. If you select a date and don't use it, you forfeit that date only. When your 14 days are gone the license is no longer valid.

What I would like to see of all ND residents that read the above, please contact your legislators and ask if they would be willing to help change this law. For you out of staters with contacts in ND, please share this with them. A simple removal of the word CONSECUTIVE from statute 20.1-03-07 would make hunting a more enjoyable experience for non residents. Hunt opening weekend, save a few days for other visits. Pass the aspirin.

Mark Biel, Bismarck


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