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Letter: Shun extremists to restore civility

Letter: Shun extremists to restore civility


Do you remember when politics involved genteel debate, give and take, and a search for common ground? When moderate politicians worked across the aisle and jointly solved problems. When neither side got exactly what they wanted, but would find a reasonable compromise. I pine for those days.

In the last several decades, people of my age have witnessed an ugly erosion in the political arena. I am sickened by the dysfunctional political quagmire in which this country is currently immersed. The divisive, my-way-or-the-highway, boorish behavior currently on political display is nonproductive and damaging to this nation. We did not get into this mess overnight nor will we get out of it with a snap of the fingers. Extremists have crept in to all levels of government. We currently have them seated on our city and county commissions, in the state Legislature, in our congressional delegation, and in the executive branch of our federal government.

I invite you to join me in a strategy to win back our political sanity. Simply, quit voting for extremists on EITHER END of the political spectrum! It will take a few election cycles to be fully realized, but I believe it can be accomplished. Electing an extremist on one end of the spectrum to replace an extremist on the opposite end is not the solution. Join me in returning political power to those intended in our U.S. Constitution. Let's restore a government of, by, and for people dedicated to working for our common welfare.

As an elector you have a heavy responsibility. Carefully research candidates and shun extremists. As you make your voting decisions, remember the importance of character and integrity in our political leaders.

Terry C. Stavn, Bismarck


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