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Letter: Separation of church, state goes both ways

Letter: Separation of church, state goes both ways


I am not surprised that Lloyd Omdahl and other Democrats think that the “Separation of Church and State” only goes one way, the church can’t mess with the state but it’s OK for the state to mess with the church. Of course they are mostly clueless on Constitutional matters anyway. He sure likes to quote a lot of scriptures yet says he's not impressed with ones that don’t back his opinions. Satan also quoted a lot of scriptures to Jesus but Jesus rebuked him. I think Mr. Omdahl and his followers need to listen to Fr. Ed Meeks sermon on why Catholics/Christians can’t vote for Democrats for at least three reasons, first Democrats don’t believe in the sanctity of life, second Democrats don’t believe in the sanctity of marriage between one man and one woman, and third Democrats don't believe in religious freedom, which is evident from Mr. Omdahl's Covid-19 message. Another priest stated that if you vote for a Democrat knowing what they stand for he has grave concerns for your soul. To top it all off Democrats have removed any mention of God from their party platform. This can be expanded to any politician that votes against any of the three reasons mentioned above. To let the state close down churches in direct violation of the first amendment of the Constitution over a virus whose survivability rate is over 99% is not only unconstitutional it’s ridiculous. I think Mr. Omdahl needs to spend time in church listening to clergy and quit berating them in public. Our church never closed and hasn’t spread the virus to anyone.

Steven Moen, Minot


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