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Letter: Roe v. Wade need not be law forever

Letter: Roe v. Wade need not be law forever


Our Constitution states in part "No person shall ... be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law." Why are we not following this? I have heard this over and over again, that Roe v. Wade is established law. Established by whom? Seven men in black robes? Any law that violates God's law should not be followed. We read of pro-abortion people who want to force Catholic hospitals and doctors to do abortions. This is totally against our long held teachings and beliefs.

Visit with women who years later regret their abortion, there are many of them. Ask the forgotten fathers who had no say in the decision "between the woman and her doctor." The pro-life circles have heard for years that abortion clinics were put in low income/minority parts of town to draw off from the most vulnerable women. This just came to light this week, we will see if the pro-abortion-minded press will do anything with this "new" revelation.

Many on the abortion side do not want to call a baby in the womb a baby.

In Saturday's paper (7/25) there was an article about stopping people from poaching turtle eggs. Ask yourself, are these potential turtles?

Why do they need to be protected and no protection for a potential person in the womb? On a lighter note, have you ever been invited to a "fetus" shower or was it called a "baby" shower, anticipating a happy occasion, i.e the arrival of a new person?

Virginia Dolajak, Bismarck


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