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Letter: Road train bill shows silliness

Letter: Road train bill shows silliness


I must first state that I was a locomotive engineer for the BNSF Railway. The article in Friday's Tribune on road trains shows the absolute silliness of our legislators, these over length trucks are not legal in any state in the union as the article states yet our esteemed legislators take time to debate the issue and the committee votes to endorse the resolution to the full House. What a waste of time and money.

Have any of the members of the committee ever come upon any of the trucks now hauling three trailers down the interstate and tried to pass said trucks? They are drifting all over the road and are very unsafe and yet they want to allow even lengthier vehicles on our roads. where is the concern for safety? Are they considering allowing trucks to haul oil to in the same type of road trains? We have seen the results of an accident with the derailment of the oil train at Casselton. Now lets see if we can do the same thing on an interstate highway. 

The resolution suggests that North Dakota would work with other states to establish a pilot program, so lets volunteer to be guinea pigs seems to be what is suggested.

Has Sen. Larsen talked to any of his constituents to see how they feel about the Senate bill?

Twice in recent years have I have almost been side swiped by three container trucks so I am very concerned about this issue and the safety concerns of wide turns and swaying especially in windy conditions. As I stated earlier I was an engineer and have commented when seeing the length of the trucks now allowed now (where is the caboose)?

With all the issues we have concerning infrastructure and budget concerns, this is one of the first items the House committee has before it seems foolish to me. I believe time should be spent on more urgent issues.

Alex Neigum, Mandan


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