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Letter: Republicans view science as nuisance

Letter: Republicans view science as nuisance

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Reality is a nuisance, science is a nuisance, and Republicans complain about climate change, and election results. To fix the problem with losing elections Republican have reverted to changing the rules. Gerrymandering was not enough so they changed the rules to keep people who did not show up well on their color charts from voting. Why don’t Republicans use their time tested method to address science and climate change? By changing the scale on thermometers the climate change argument can be won by the Republicans. If the boiling point of water was changed and the temperature at which water freezes was changed by Republican legislatures we could cool things down. Churches figured out the technique a long time ago. Each church believes something a little different. It gives them comfort and gets them closer to God. Why do Republicans have to accept liberal interpretations of when water freezes and boils? The same solution could be used to solve the problems with drought. Make the distance between inches smaller. Now we can have a half inch of rain equal to an inch. Problem solved. Just as Republicans audited votes in Arizona they should be able to audit scientists. How do we know how long the rulers scientists are using? We lost our president because of fake news, are we going to allow fake science to ruin our summer with hot weather?

Mike Quinn, Bismarck


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